Stratford Festival of Praise

Stay Tuned

There are no plans for a 2020 October Festival of Praise Weekend. Please pray with us for what God may want to do next though the Stratford Festival of Praise.

School Prayer

On Monday Oct. 19th 6pm we will be praying around the school’s in Stratford.  Please sign up for a school closest to you and join together as a body of Christ in unity that evening.  Join other’s and meet on the front steps of the school at 6pm on October 19th.  

School Prayer

Sign up for the school closest to you for prayer on October 19th.



  • In the name of Jesus our children have a mind to work well and that the spirit of excellence rests upon them influencing their academic performance and behavior.
  • That they submit to the rules and regulations of their school and obey the instruction of those in authority over them, so long as these DO NOT violate the Word.
  • That our children are highly favored of God and this divine favor positively affects their relations with their school administrators, teachers and fellow students.
  • That by the anointing of God, they demonstrate godly character and principles. That they are the salt and light in their school. We declare that God’s plans and purposes are advanced in and through them.
  • This school to be a bully free zone; we bind all acts of violence and disturbances against this school and all who attend here. We declare no evil or demonic forces shall prevail against this school. The Blood of Jesus covers our classrooms, offices, media centers, gym, the grounds and all buses coming and leaving this school. (Psalm 82:4; Matt 16:19; Rev. 12:11)
  • God’s perfect love to cast out all fear and strengthen and encourage all who attend/work here. For each person to operate in love and a have a sound mind. We declare each one is blessed and pray the evidence of the fruit of His Spirit to reside here. (love, joy, peace, faithfulness, gentleness, goodness, patience, kindness, and self-control)
  • No evil to befall these students, teachers, staff or their families. Nor any plague including Covid come near this dwelling. God has encamped His angels around this school. He gives His angels charge over them all, to keep them in all His ways.
  • That the name of Jesus has all power to bind sickness, infirmity and disease. We release health, healing, deliverance, breakthrough and peace over all involved at this school and their families. 
  • And decree prosperity and abundance of health for every student, teacher, staff and family. We declare God’s provision over this school and it shall not be in lack. God supplies all their needs according to the glorious riches in Christ Jesus. We declare and decree the peace of the Lord Jesus to rest upon them all. We thank you Jesus for all that you have already done for their healing and protection through your work on the cross.
  • In the name of Jesus every assignment of the enemy over their lives is canceled and that no weapon formed against them shall prosper.
  • God’s protection over everyone through the shed blood of Jesus. God’s protection from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet. We declare that angels of the Lord are encamped around them and protect them from all harm and danger.
  • These things in accordance with the principles of the Word of God and by faith. Therefore we believe and agree in the power of our Lord Jesus to watch over the children, teachers, staff and families for the glory and honour of God In Jesus name.



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